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Looking For Ontario County Kitchen Remodeling Ideas?

Ontario County Kitchen Remodeling IdeasIf you are planning an Ontario County Kitchen Remodeling project, you may be hunting around for some great ideas. There are two main areas you can remodel in your kitchen that will bring about the most change. There are many things you can change in your kitchen including lighting, layout, available space, plumbing and electrical additions, wall color, textures, appliances, and more. But there are two key areas you'll need to think about -flooring and countertops.

Our Rochester handyman contractors loves to help Ontario County homeowners with ideas and advice about their kitchen and other remodeling projects. Here are a few ideas we have put together for Ontario County and anyone else looking for the right options in Kitchen Remodeling.

Ontario County Flooring Options For Kitchen Remodeling

1. Cork Flooring for your new Kitchen - Replacing your kitchen floors with cork gives you so much in style, durability, and comfort. Cork floors are easy on the legs and feet for standing. They are also absolutely gorgeous, and are quickly becoming a favorite option in Kitchen Remodeling. Cork has been used in the commercial industry since 1898, but homeowners in Ontario County and beyond are discovering how great they are. When most people think about a cork floor, they think of.

2. Natural Stone Flooring options for Kitchen Remodeling - Wow, natural stone flooring options bring you timeless beauty and a sense of security in your Ontario County home. Your floors make up a major portion of the kitchen, dining, and any living space. Having natural stone floors gives you the grounded beauty and durability you seek. Marble is a high quality quarried product that you may love. However, for kitchens that get a lot of foot traffic, Travertine may be a better option. Stale is another popular natural stone flooring option. Whether you are going for a modern look or traditional, both can look stunning.

Coutertop Options When Remodeling Ontario County Kitchens

Granite for your Ontario County Kitchen Remodeling - A classic favorite for Ontario County kitchen countertops is durable granite. This option consists of varying hard rock grains. Within the composition of granite, there are quartz, mica, amphibole minerals, and feldspar. Granite is extremely hard and tough, though it does need to be kept sealed for a nice polished look.

Quartzite Counters For Kitchen Remodeling - Quartzite is equally compact, hard, and durable. It is essentually a quartz stone and is becoming more and more popular for kitchen remodeling because of it's durability and beauty.

Many choose marble for kitchen countertops - Marble countertops offer you a beautiful polished look. It contains calcite and may also contain clay, pyrite, quartz, graphite, or iron oxides. Marble started off as limestone and then was melted by extreme heat within the earth, and later re-solified. The beauty of marble is a favorite of many for kitchen countertops and/or flooring.

Ontario County, NY

If you have questions or would like more information on Ontario County Kitchen Remodeling Project Options, then please give us a call today at 585-698-0565, or complete our online request form.