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Genesee County handyman

Hometown Handyman is a Genesee County remodeling contractor that brings the master carpentry skills to your Genesee County remodeling projects.  Our remodeling contractors arrive in a timely manner and bring great detail to your handyman projects as well as taking care of your house painting.

From the beginning you will have your own remodeling consultant that is the most appropriate for your project.  Whether you are looking for a unique solution to a challenge, design ideas, products information, or just want to know where to begin, we have someone who will provide the advice and guidance you’re looking for in a Genesee County remodeling contractor.

Your remodeling consultant will evaluate everything within your Genesee County home, to determine the best remodeling solution for you based on the project budget, energy efficiency, and your own personal taste.  Using the years of experience and professionalism we will design, plan, price, and determine all of the materials needed for your project to build it to your specifications.


Areas in Genesee County We Provide Our Handyman Services

Bergen, NY - Byron, NY - Leroy, NY


If you're looking for a professional Genesee County handyman, then please give us a call today at 585-698-0565, or complete our online request form.