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hilton handymanCompatibility is an important factor when choosing a bathroom faucet. Pay special mind to how the faucet needs to be installed to see if it will work with your sink type. Other than that, the choice really depends on Hilton design preferences and cost bracket. You've got various styles and finishes to choose from. Finishes alone come in combinations of chrome, brass, enamel, ceramic, gold, pewter, nickel, bronze, and many others. In addition to the choices in faucet style and finish, handles can be shaped like everything from crosses to wheels. Because of this range in possibilities, the faucet can cost you anywhere from $25 to $2000 and beyond.

That said, you may get some Hilton comfort in the fact that the faucet you select will ultimately come from one of the following general categories. As you become familiar with what's available, the process can become more fun than tricky.

Widespread, centerset, and minispread faucets share the same basic structure but vary in size. Each has separate handles for hot and cold water, with a spout located between them. More importantly, all three models require three-hole installation basins and combine the spout and valves on a single basin unit.

The difference between the three lies in the fact that the handles and spout are distanced farther apart on the widespread faucet than they are with the other two examples. With widespread faucets, the handles and spout appear to be separate units. Centerset faucets are a smaller version of this prototype, with the handles and spout located closer together. The minispread faucet falls somewhere in between. With the size options on these popular models, it's easy to scale up or down depending on the size of your sink.

Unlike the centerset, widespread, or minispread faucets, single hole faucets require one-hole installation basins. They consist of a single mixing handle attached to the spout. Basin faucets, on the other hand, vary from single handle models to hot and cold water handles located on separate sides of the sink, each attached to their own spout. Finally, wall mounted handles are set above the counter or freestanding basin and require a long spout with an extended reach.


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