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Home Improvement Ideas: Flooring Options

Changing your floor covering is one of the most popular home improvement ideas. It is very easy to just replace floor coverings with new and slightly different versions of the same thing.  When the carpet begins to show signs of wear and tear, many homeowners just replace it with new carpet of the same type.  But thinking a bit more imaginatively about flooring options opens a world of new home improvement ideas. 

Carpeting is a good choice for most rooms of the house.  It is probably not a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.  Carpeting is available in a wide range of colors, designs, textures and prices.  And carpet is relatively quick to install.  But there are other flooring materials that can change the character of a room. 

Hardwood flooring and laminated wood flooring (engineered wood flooring) are great choices for almost any room of the house.  Hardwood flooring is made of wood planks finished and often coated with a protective material.  Engineered wood or laminated wood flooring is made by gluing together three to five pieces of hardwood.

Laminate flooring, made with some kind of fiber core material to which a printed layer is attached and a melamine coating is applied, can be made to resemble wood planks, stone and slate. This material gives the appearance of natural materials without the maintenance and the cost.  Laminate flooring can also be used in any room of the house. It is a good choice for a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room makeover. It can also be used in basements, play rooms and bar areas.

Linoleum and sheet vinyl are great choices for areas where water is used. They are easy to install, they are water resistant, and they are very easy to clean and maintain. These materials are available in a huge range of colors and patterns, including patterns that mimic natural materials.  Because they are so easy to install, linoleum and sheet vinyl are great home improvement ideas when you want an affordable change.

Natural stone or stone tile is a wonderful choice for many rooms of the house or as accent areas in a large room.  Slate, granite and limestone can be perfect choices in rustic designs or to add a touch of elegance.  Choosing the right stone to create the desired effect can completely transform a room and so it is among the most popular home improvement ideas.   You might choose a natural finish stone for an entrance foyer or as an accent area around a fireplace.  The color and pattern of granite will depend on where it was quarried.

Engineered stone tile is made by binding stone powder and chips. The most common type of engineered stone is quartz. Engineered stone tile is available in the same colors as natural stone and a few colors that are not found in nature.

Ceramic tile is another very popular flooring upgrade choice.  It can be used on walls as well as floors.  Ceramic tile is perfect in high-traffic areas and in rooms where water is used.  It is easy to clean and maintain.

Other increasingly popular flooring materials offer unique home improvement ideas for creative homeowners.  Cork, bamboo and reclaimed antique hardwood are environmentally-friendly choices. Cork and bamboo are rapidly-renewable products. These three materials, used individually or in combination can create a truly unique and durable flooring option to change the look of a room. 

If you are looking for home improvement ideas, think about new flooring.  Your choice of material, color, texture and pattern can bring a fresh new look and feel to a room that feels stale. 


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