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Kitchen Remodeling Services For Residential Investment Properties

April 6, 2015 at 9:54 pm | Category: Kitchen Remodeling, Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

If your current handyman isn’t living up to their promises or assurances of skill level, you may be in the market for contracting with someone else to take care of your resident properties. Both investment property owners and property managers can often find themselves in a bind when they’ve trusted the wrong handyman.

At Hometown Handyman, you’ll have a win-win situation when contract with you for your projects like kitchen remodeling! Our services are professional and our business practices are honest with our customer’s best interests in mind. You’ll never find sloppy or unfinished work and you’ll only get upfront estimates.

If your current handyman makes mistakes, it degrades the value of the property they are working on. Little things like:

  • Paint spills, drips, or oversprays
  • Caulk jobs that look horrible
  • Tiles falling down after repairs are made
  • Holes and gaps ignored
  • Sloppy carpentry
  • Unlevel doors or cabinetry
  • Plumbing mistakes
  • Wrong hinges for cabinet doors
  • Drywall repairs that are obviously sub-par
  • Painted over wallpaper instead of removing the wallpaper first
  • Painted over outlets, fixtures, or hardware
  • Paint shoe prints on carpet
  • Drawers coming loose after so-called repairs
  • Holes patched with lumps
  • Inferior materials at standard prices

All the above are signs that your current handyman either doesn’t have the knowledge and skill to do better or is too lazy and sloppy to care. If you’ve ever had to deal with a contractor like this, we’re truly sorry that happened to you.

Getting paid for bad work is something we consider very unfortunate indeed. Because those types of contractors are all around and infiltrate the business market leaving professionals like us with bad tastes in our mouth about hiring out work.

The problem usually comes when a property owner tries to find ways to cut down on cost and the first idea is to pay less for the work. Unfortunately, this is a huge mistake because you do get what you pay for, but you often also end up paying for it again too soon afterward in one way or another.

Take for instance, that in order to really fix all that sloppy work, you’ll have to get a real professional to do it or you yourself will need to go out to the property to fix it as best you can. You know you have to or else the property value won’t stand up to what it should be and you’ll have difficulty finding buyers or renters.

That’s the biggest reason you’ll want the job done right in the first place…to ensure the value of the home remains and is in fact improved as you set out to do. Give us a call here at Hometown Handyman. We’re the professionals who get it right every time and can help you with any of your projects, including Kitchen Remodeling. Trust us to prove to you that real handyman professionals do exist!


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