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Rochester Electrical Repairs Services

electrical repairsAt Hometown Handyman, our professional Rochester electricians handle all types of electrical work such as adding and trouble shooting existing wiring, appliance circuits, spa circuits, ceiling fans, cable outlets, dimmers, switches, and telephone/DSL jack.

We are constantly reinvesting in our business and new equipment in order to provide Rochester homeowners with professional electrical service second to none in the area.

Our professional Rochester electrical repair contractors can come to your home and diagnosis any problem you may be having. We will do all your electrical work personally to guarantee an excellent job for you. All the electrical materials we install for your project will be the finest that are available.

Our Electrical Repair Services include

  • Broken Circuits
  • Faulty Outlets / Switches
  • Lighting Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement


If you're looking for a professional Rochester electrical repair contractor, then please give us a call today at 585-698-0565, or complete our online request form.


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